Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Healthcare System
Stanford University School of Medicine
401 Quarry Road, Stanford, CA
jross4 [at] stanford [dot] edu
Pronouns: she/hers

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  • Sierra Pacific Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Centers (MIRECC), Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Healthcare System, Palo Alto
  • Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, CA
  • Harvard Medical School, Department of Neurology, Boston, MA
  • Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
    Boston, MA
                       jross4 [at] bidmc [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Pictured: Corey Keller, Jessica Ross, Jade Truong, Chris Cline, Manjima Sarkar


hsl_hms_logo_highPreliminary Research Finds That EEG and TMS-EEG Measures May Identify Individuals At Risk of Post-Operative Delirium, Hebrew SeniorLife, 10/25/22, Link


Faces of Manufacturing: Electroskip, Fuzehub, New York State, 2/23/22, Link


SAGES News, Successful Aging After Elective Surgery (SAGES) Study Newsletter, 7/2/20, PDF

TRF_Corner_web-e1466360562904Meta-analysis of neuroimaging during passive music listening: Motor network contributions to timing perception, Timing Research Forum, 3/9/19, Link



To Hear the Beat, Your Brain May Think About Moving to it: A Brain Region Linked to Movement is Integral to Recognizing Rhythms, Science News, 2/16/18, Link

Delirium News/Resources

  • Dr. Sharon K. Inouye Receives ACP Phillips Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Clinical Medicine, Hebrew SeniorLife, 10/19/22, Link
  • Successful Aging after Elective Surgery (SAGES) II Study Launched, Hebrew SeniorLife, 10/10/22, Link
  • Researchers ID blood protein that sheds light on common, post-operative complication, Newswise, 2/17/21, Link
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COVID-19/Aging Resources

  • Nursing Homes and COVID-19,  JAMA, 12/30/20, Link
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