Curriculum vitae

PDF: rossj_CV_011221


2018 Ph.D. Cognitive and Information Sciences, UC Merced
2011 A.S. Biology (with honors), Sacramento City College
2011 A.A. Psychology (with honors), Sacramento City College
2008 B.A. Music (Ethnomusicology emphasis), UC Davis
2008 B.A. Italian Studies, UC Davis

Additional Training

2018 Intensive Course in Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation, Harvard Medical School, Boston
Kavli Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience, Tahoe, California
ERP Boot Camp, Center for Mind and Brain, University of California, Davis (Steve Luck and Emily Kappenman)
UC Music Experience Research Community Initiative (MERCI) 2017 Student Exchange, Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (SCCN), University of California, San Diego (Hosts: Scott Makeig and John Iversen)
UC Retreat Workshop on Research in Music Experience and Communication, Marconi, CA
2016 Kavli Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience Fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara
2016 UC Music Experience Research Community Initiative (MERCI) 2016 Student Exchange, Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (SCCN), University of California, San Diego (Hosts: Scott Makeig and John Iversen)
2015 UC MERCI Symposium/Workshop on Research on Music Experience and Communication, University of California, Los Angeles
MathWorks Seminar: Data Analysis and Visualization with MATLAB
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Methods and Practice, Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
2015 Generalized Linear Model Workshop, University of California, Merced (Instructor: Bodo Winter)
 Advanced Training Institute: Non-Linear Methods for Psychological Science, American Psychological Association, Univ. of Cincinnati, Ohio
2014 Dynamics of Music and Language Summer School, UC Merced Center for Human Adaptive Systems and Environments (CHASE)
2012  Auditory Neuroscience (Graduate Coursework), UC Davis Extension Center
2011 Cognitive Neuroscience and Group Study (Graduate Coursework), UC Davis Extension Center
2008  Summer Abroad Folk Music Program in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006  Spring Quarter Abroad Language and Culture Program in Syracuse, Sicily

Awards and Honors

2017-2018 Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Year Fellowship, University of California, Merced
2017 Scholarship for the 2017 UC Davis ERP Bootcamp, University of California, Davis
2017 Fall 2016 GRAD-EXCEL Peer Mentorship Program Award, Graduate Division, University of California, Merced
 Graduate Student Fellowship Award from Mark S. Aldenderfer, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts, UC Merced
2015 Graduate Dean’s Fellowship from Marjorie Zatz, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education, UC Merced
2015 UC Merced GradSLAM Finalist
2015 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) Honorable Mention
2014 Graduate Fellowship Incentive Program Award, Graduate Division, UC Merced
2014 Travel grant from the American Psychological Association for the Advanced Training Institute: Non-Linear Methods for Psychological Science
2010-2011 International Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa member
2009 Special Thanks for Achieving Results (STAR) award from the US Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division
10/09 Expert of the month,


2008 California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), Permanent passing status

Employment History

4/21- present Post-Doctoral Fellow (P.I.: C. Keller), Stanford Medical School
12/18-3/21 Post-Doctoral Fellow (P.I.: M. Shafi), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School
 Associate Specialist, Step I, (P.I.: R. Balasubramaniam), UC Merced
8/17-8/18 Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Year Fellow, UC Merced
6/16-8/17 Graduate Student Researcher, (P.I.: R. Balasubramaniam), UC Merced
National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research: Brain Mechanisms of Rhythm Perception: The Impact of the Motor System on Auditory Perception
 Teaching Assistant, Animal Cognition (Jeanne Milostan), University of California, Merced
 Teaching Assistant, Service Innovation (Paul Maglio), UC Merced
Graduate Student Researcher, (P.I.: R. Balasubramaniam), UC Merced
Blum Center for Economic Development: Rhythmic Skills and Reading: An Intervention Study in the San Joaquin Valley
Teaching Assistant, Perception and Action (Ramesh Balasubramaniam), UC Merced
1/14-6/14 Teaching Assistant, Cognitive Neuroscience (Anne Warlaumont), UC Merced
8/13-12/13 Teaching Assistant, Speech Processing (Anne Warlaumont), UC Merced
3/12-8/13 Psychology Technician GS-181-5, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Northern California Health Care System, Martinez, CA
4/11-8/13 Research Assistant, Elizabeth Disbrow Laboratory, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis
8/11-10/12 Independent Living Facilitator, InAlliance, Sacramento, CA
12/11-5/12 Science Teacher for Resident Science Program, David Lubin Elementary School, Sacramento, CA
7/10-12/10 Junior Specialist, Petr Janata Laboratory, Center for Mind and Brain, UC Davis
1/09-7/10 Research Intern, Petr Janata Laboratory, Center for Mind and Brain, UC Davis
10/03-10/09 Biological Science Technician GS-5, Davis Field Station (P.I.: Keith Miles), US Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center, UC Davis

Special Pedagogical Activities

06/15/21-07/22/21 Frontiers of Science Institute, University of Northern Colorado
Mentored four advanced high school students through neuroscience related projects

Motion capture lecture/demonstration for COGS 180: Gesture
Performed introductory lecture and training on our Vicon Bonita Motion Capture System and AMTI Force and Motion platforms (Optima BP400600-2000)
12/2015 TMS workshop for BIOE 113: Bioinstrumentation
Introduced and trained Bioengineering students on the safe usage of TMS

Volunteer Work

Present Ad Hoc Reviewer: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Gait & Posture, Experimental Brain Research, Human Movement Science, Music Perception, PLOS ONE, Society for Music Perception & Cognition
10/15-9/18 Graduate Student Representative, Advisory Committee for the UC Merced Transportation and Parking Services
8/16/16 Experienced Teacher’s Assistant Informational Panel, Graduate Student TA Orientation, Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL), UC Merced
Public outreach, Mercy Hospital 5K Stroke Awareness Run: Spoke with participants about brain health and balance, and discussed our research
2009-present Expert, Entomology Question and Answer Service,
7/2015 Volunteer, 37th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Pasadena, CA
11/04/2014 Cognitive Science Student Association Meeting, UC Merced: Assisted undergraduates with graduate school applications
9/2014 Volunteer, Days and Nights Festival, The Philip Glass Center for the Arts, Science, and the Environment, Big Sur, California
1/25/2014 “Child Triumphs and Troubles: Language and Learning in the Early Years” Professional Development and Research Lab Tours, UC Merced
2011/2012 Brain Awareness Week (K-6 brain education), Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis
2004-2008 Founding member of the One World Children’s Fund, Davis Branch, Davis, CA

Professional Affiliations

Cognitive Neuroscience Society
Society for Music Perception & Cognition
Cognitive Science Society
American Psychological Association
Society for Neuroscience

Media and Impact

“Meta-analysis of neuroimaging during passive music listening: Motor network contributions to timing perception,” Timing Research Forum Blog, March 9, 2019. Link

“To Hear the Beat, Your Brain May Think About Moving to it: A Brain Region Linked to Movement is Integral to Recognizing Rhythms,” Science News: Magazine for the Society for Science and the Public, February 16, 2018.  Link

Elsevier AudioSlides: Ross, J.M., Will, O.J., McGann, Z., & Balasubramaniam, R. (2016). Auditory white noise reduces age-related fluctuations in balance. Neurosci. Lett. 630, 216-221. Link